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Node.js chat service based on websockets.
Fast. Highload. Cool.


Load Capabilities

Max connection count is limited by 'ulimit' and amount of memory. Each connection you expect should be provided with 1 MB of RAM.

Max number of clients is also limited by CPU. Small test on ubuntu VM with 4 CPUs (2.5 GHz Intel Core i5) showed, that 30.000 is ok.


Node.js Modules

All Node.js modules should be installed by 'npm install'.

Be careful!

All redis '*:users_count' collections should be deleted before chat is started for correct user counting.

Suggestions and Feedback

We will be very pleased if you'll send us some feedback, suggestions and feature-request on our Github page. It surely will help this project to evolve.


{{#system}} {{nick}} {{message}} {{/system}} {{^system}}
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